Microsoft Word needs no introduction!


The product was launched in 1989 and has been the market leader ever since.


Microsoft Word is an integral component of Microsoft Office and is the industry standard for word processing software.


As with all Microsoft Office products Word integrates with the other Office products. Word documents can be manipulated through Outlook, data from Word can be incorporated into Access, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.


It’s very unusual to see any Windows PC s in homes or offices which do not have Microsoft Word loaded.


From composing a letter, writing your CV to writing a complex technical document, Microsoft Word is the product of choice for most users.


Microsoft Word lets you compose well-structured documents. Re-formatting and editing these documents is made easy with Microsoft Word. Easy if you know how to use the product.


Microsoft Word is much more than a glorified “Notepad” product. Large-scale technical documents can be created and indexed using Microsoft Word’s more advanced features.


Our Microsoft Word training courses range from new users with little or no previous experience of the product to seasoned professionals who need to maximise their use of the facilities available in Microsoft Word.


If you need to improve your Microsoft Word skills please contact us.


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