Microsoft Access has been on the market since 1992 and is now the most popular Windows-based database management system in the world.


EMA Technology also started in 1992 and since then we have trained thousands of people in Microsoft Access at all levels.


Microsoft Access is primarily designed for departmental and small business use.


Our Microsoft Access training courses are designed for users in these markets.


The product can be used to build sophisticated multi-user databases as well as simple single table databases. Its use is very versatile, and our training courses reflect that.


Our Microsoft Access trainers are also developers, so they know the product very well. They know what the product can (and can’t) do.


Whether you just want to understand Forms, Queries and Reports or you want to delve into Access programming and macros we can teach you. Our approachable trainers can guide you from beginner level to Access programmer level if that’s what you need.


Many small and medium sized businesses rely on Microsoft Access to help them run their businesses.


It’s vital that these businesses have staff who understand how the product works and who can maximise its potential.


Your business data is vital to your company’s financial health so make sure it’s looked after!


That’s what our training courses deliver.


Click the links opposite for the itineraries for our Microsoft Access training courses. These are the set itineraries, don’t forget we are happy to design custom-made Access courses for you too.


Where practical we always include sessions on customer’s own databases so that the theory becomes practice. Learning how to use Access facilities on a training database is one thing, using these facilities on a copy of your own database is something else.


If you want to improve your Microsoft Access skills you need to contact us.





     Course Itineraries


Microsoft Access Introduction


Microsoft Access Intermediate


Microsoft Access Advanced

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